Vuzik VR: more new virtual reality

Vuzik VR: more new virtual reality

Vuzik VR: more new virtual reality

Spring – a good time for those who are interested in a variety of innovations. Following the MWC launched another large-scale event – GDC 2015.

Company Vuzik VR takes a moment at the conference presented VR-headset IWear V720.

A key feature of the helmet – it is easy to synchronize any device. Not only smartphones. Content for virtual reality “taken” with consoles, computers, Blu-ray players, and so on.

To ensure the availability of sufficient connection interface HDMI. Competing solutions in this regard are more limited.

Basis IWear V720 are 2 built-in displays with a resolution of 720p. They create the illusion of viewing the “video” on the panoramic 130-inch screen (with a distance of about 3 m). All the slightest movement of the head fixed thanks to special sensors.

There are headphones with integrated controls and camera support augmented reality. The latter allows you to combine objects of the virtual world with the real.

Vuzik VR: more new virtual reality

What else can boast headset Vuzik VR? The presence of the built-in battery to work away from an outlet. The capacity of the power supply disappears.

The price and release date information is not available.

Source: Nextpowerup

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