The video shows iPad 5 with a transparent Apple logo

This morning, the Japanese portal MacOtakara labored insider walls of Cupertino. Laid out on the Web video were shown housing and front panel has not yet announced a smartphone iPhone 5C. A few hours later, journalists have extended another video, which already included a fifth-generation iPad. The video also demonstrated the rear panel and front frame of the future devices.

From what is known at the moment about the fifth generation of tablets Apple – the company managed to reduce the size of the model. If the width of the iPad 4 is 185.7 mm, then a new gadget, it will be at 168 mm. The height is also reduced slightly – from 241.2 mm to 240 mm.

iPad 5 appearance will resemble “Minikit” that is, the display frame on the right and the left will be narrower than the top and bottom. The thickness of the new items will be on the sides of 3 mm. Also, the 10-inch iPad will no longer be the volume rocker. Instead – two separate buttons for volume up and down. Tablet receive two separate stereo device at the lower edge on both sides of the port Lightning.

Another feature of the iPad 5 – a new way of making the logo Apple. If earlier the company “Apple” was applied directly to the aluminum surface of the cover, but now it is embedded into the surface is a plastic cover. In the present model it is transparent. Previously, experts have found the same feature in the second generation of iPad mini. It is assumed that this is done in order to improve the signal reception wireless interface device.

Apple is expected to debut new products this fall. Most likely the company will hold two separate presentations in which present the new flagship iPhone 5S and budget model iPhone 5C, as well as the iPad tablet and 5 of the second-generation iPad mini.

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