German scientists have learned how to calculate the smartphones on the “digital fingerprint”

Changing the SIM-cards and unique IMEI-ID mobile phone helps the attackers remain in the shadows, hiding from the surveillance. But scientists from Germany managed to find a way to deal with it. They found that each have unique communicator “digital fingerprints” on which to enter the cyber criminals.

As the Cybersecurity , may soon appear unique tools that distinguish one from another smartphone based on their radio signals. German engineers who developed the technology, said that the new product will provide significant benefits to the police search for stolen devices, since the data can be analyzed without reference to the cell phone company.

According to the developers of technology, both the police and the criminals are using mobile phones to communicate with each other, but it is clear now that criminals use different cellular networks, the replacement of SIM-cards and other methods to avoid detection. Of course, they can often track down through recourse to the cellular company, but this does not always have the time.

The new system allows you to quickly identify the presence of a predetermined range of physical phone. Thus the development and function when criminals change the SIM card, and if they operate with different operators. The established system analyzing radio equipment and allows for them to establish the presence of a particular number in the radio.

Experts say that despite the fact that most of the mobile devices is standardized and works in conventional networks, to find two of the same model – that’s how to find people with the same two fingerprints. The new development analyzes the transmitter power the phone features of the switching of radio channels, switching speed, especially triangulation, modulation and nearly a dozen other parameters. Together they almost one hundred percent probability that the identity of the specific apparatus, regardless of which network or the SIM-card is used.

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