QooQi: stylish holder for wires


Each user over time the number of different wires and cords from smartphones, tablets and other devices begins to exceed all reasonable limits. Table-it is not rubber. But do not give up, in the end, because this of your favorite gadgets. The site crowdfunding successfully collected starting amount of the project QooQi – stylish design solution that allows to store your cables in order.

As planned by the manufacturer, the company B & A Studio, QooQi holder for cables designed to deal with the mess on the table, allowing you to put in order the plurality of electrical wires. Accessory is a small aluminum disc with slots, which secures the cord into the desired position and location. QooQi simply attached to the surface of the table, without using glue or other special tools.

QooQi handy for holding cables, mobile phone charging, USB-cords, network cables, headphones. The cable is now never slip out of your hands will not fall off the table, he will always be accessible and convenient location.

QooQi can also be used as a universal carrier. It easily holds the handle or glasses, and other small household items, to the extent necessary accessibility. It can be mounted on a table, the side of the monitor or PC, as well as use in the showroom. 

As stated in the B & A Studio, with QooQi you can easily organize your workspace, compactly arranged and cementing a string of cables. Accessory is available in three colors – silver, black and green.

Developers QooQi successfully raised needed to begin production of 10 thousand dollars, and plan to begin shipping the device in December of this year. Cost devaysa be $ 17.

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