Philips has introduced a new generation of “smart” light in the line of Philips Hue

LightStrips and LightBloom – two new products in the line of lighting solutions Hue, provided by Philips. Both represent a new generation of LED lamps, controlled with iPhone, iPad and devices on Android.

LightStrips formed belt-shaped length of about two meters, which can be attached to any surface. Tape strewn along the length of miniature LED-diodes can be reduced to a convenient size. It is perfect for illuminating a frame around the perimeter or fence.

The second novelty – LightBloom. This portable lamp that creates a luminous flux of 120 lm, and up to 16 million colors. According to the manufacturer, LightBloom perfectly fit into any home decor.

In the creation of the desired atmosphere in the space plays a very important role light. Even slight changes in lighting almost completely change the situation in the apartment. Philips has developed a range of solutions for the installation of a suitable environment for your lighting. The stylish design of products such as Living Colors and LightStrips ideal for creating the right mood with light.

LightStrips tape will be priced at $ 89.95, the lamp LightBloom – for $ 79.95. Product sales will start this week at retail Apple Store.

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