MagBak: the thinnest in the world Mount for iPad

 Hypertrophied iPod touch, also known as the iPad, the device is innovative and it is very functional. And for innovative gadgets to be produced, appropriate equipment. The site Kickstarter have a unique accessory for the “apple” tablets, which performs several functions.

As planned by the developers MagBak, to the back of the iPad on the edges are attached two small magnetic bar. First, they are comfortable to hold and carry device. Another advantage of the lining is that the Smart Cover case now is inserted into the opened state, and is securely fastened to the housing device. Thirdly, the built-in MagBak magnets are so strong that they can hold the tablet even on the refrigerator door.

In MagBak set apart from the accessory includes a thin metal ring, which can be mounted on a wall or other vertical surface. Thus, there is no need to use a special stand for the iPad.

Release of a new accessory on the market depends on the activity of visitors to the portal for the collective funding Kickstarter. If the idea is implemented, users of the service will be one of the first winners of the new items.

The purpose of the developers MagBak – collect $ 15 000 for the device. To become the owner of this accessory, you need to invest $ 24 later the price for two magnetic panels and metal ring to increase by $ 10.

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