Valve: Steam the number of users has exceeded 65 million already

Valve has announced a new milestone in the history of their own digital distribution service games Steam – the number of registered users broke the mark of 65 million, which is approximately 30% more than the year before.

By the way, the peak attendance of service at the moment is about 6 million This can be easily verified in the statistics Steam, where daily attendance for a better perception of the curve is shown as a wavy shape. Fluctuations are completely dependent on the time of day.

By far the most popular game on Steam Dota 2 remains. The maximum daily amount of players in Dota 2 is more than 0.5 million official release Dota 2 to the model free-to-play took place this year. After a long period of beta testing, the sequel to the popular mod for Warcraft III – Defense of the Ancients, in the shortest possible time is now available for users of Steam.

Recently, the service Steam was 10, which was for some kind of Valve’s push to expand into new markets. Recall a little earlier, Valve announced the OS Steam OS , reference design game system Steam Machine and game controller Steam Controller .

For comparison, it is worth mentioning that the number of users of the service Microsoft Xbox Live is 48 million, while the users of the Sony PlayStation Network, there are 110 million

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