Valve has announced the beta test devices Steam Machines

As expected, after the announcement of Steam OS two days ago, Valve announced today the release of the 2014 video game systems on the basis of the operating system.

And Valve does not plan to release their own notorious Steam Box, or, as they called on the page announcement, Steam Machines . The company is developing a reference design, providing partners to produce customized endpoints.

In 2014, according to Valve, the market will present a number of devices on the Steam OS. And in order to better understand the needs of users, the company created a prototype Steam Machines, and is ready later this year to send 300 of these systems Steam users to test and gather feedback.

In order to participate in the beta Steam Machines must perform a series of simple tasks on Steam and get a special badge. 30 testers will be selected from among the most active members of the community, the other “console” will be distributed randomly among all complete this task. The lucky ones will be determined after October 25. At the time of writing more than 12,000 people signed up to potential testers.

Owners of Steam Machines, according to Valve, will be available 3000 games Steam – more than 100 games already optimized for Steam OS plus other streaming via home.

The counter on the page announcements started again , Valve will make the following announcement on Friday 27 September at 20-00 in Kiev. According to the disclaimer at the end of the FAQ by Steam Machines, we can talk about the controller for the system.

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