Cases G-Form: Body armor class “6a” for iPhone and iPad + Drop Test!

For those who are in any way associated with recreational activities, the issue of protecting your smartphone or tablet is acute – one fall from the bike and you can rake out of the bag broken glass surface, an inner stuffing and mashed aluminum case. Agree, not a pleasant occupation. This can be avoided by picking protective cases for electronics, such as G-Form, which will be discussed in this review.

First of all, when cases come to our office, we went out and held a series of drop tests with iPhone, iPad and related covers. Needless to say, this pleasant destructively directed process we removed the video so that you can clearly see in how useful will be cases in the field. First, we offer watch the video and then go to the actual case.

In the arsenal of covers are available for both the old iPhone 4/4S, and for the iPhone 5 . Also, do not be deprived of the owners of iPad and other tablets with screen sizes from 7 to 10 inches. If you are going to take, for example, an extreme bike ride or hike and even a laptop, then there is also something there – for 11-inch kids, and for the Giants with a screen of 17 inches.

Since the G-Form is primarily concerned with the development and production of sports protective equipment, the protection of proprietary technology and the company enough. Cases G-Form can absorb up to 94% of stroke, which is a very good level of protection. However, it should be noted that in the case of the iPhone, the display and the glass remains unprotected, so if your smartphone hits the stones face down cover is unlikely to be able to protect your device. It must be kept in mind, the benefit of high-impact films at reasonable prices can be found in abundance.

Cases for iPad, at least the ones that we have been able to obtain, protect the device from all sides – whether zipper bag or hardened “smartkaveropodobny” cover with a folding mat that protects the display. Of course, in such armor plate is a bit ridiculous – to say that such a case as an everyday accessory, it will be convenient to use, probably wrong.

To once again make sure that the level of protection afforded to grips G-Form is very high, you can see a video of the American hockey player Tim “Tank” Thomas, who serves as a goalkeeper and catches unhappy iPhone, which are then … well, see for yourself.

I do not think that you still have doubts that really covers can protect iPhone, iPad and even the MacBook from damage.

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