In the United States created a flamethrower to work in the garden

In the United States created a flamethrower to work in the garden

In the United States created a flamethrower to work in the garden

Weapons or agricultural tools? Between these concepts bring much thinner than most people think. It’s no secret that the sickle, chainsaw or garden pruner equally well as cope with unruly plants and hordes of zombies, for example. And if looks like a chainsaw weapon maniac psychopath, what about the “agricultural” flamethrower?

The device under the modest title XM42 – the world’s first agricultural flamethrower. Developed by Ion Productions device from Cincinnati, Ohio. With the help of engineers offer to clear snow from the tracks, control weeds, grass in the crevices of paving slabs, destroying pests in the garden – mainly insects (and zombies).

Principle of operation “agricultural” flamethrower is no different from the principle of operation of the first military flamethrowers, except, perhaps, that the amount of fuel in mind the specific use is much lower. Flamethrower XM42 is bright (in all senses) an example of how an instrument of destruction and murder can serve creation and beauty. Dressed device gasoline with an octane rating of 87. This gas is widely distributed in the US, you can find it at any gas station.

Needless XM42 is not a toy. The device creates a jet of fire from 6 to 7.6 meters. Use a flamethrower in the room is strictly prohibited. To the device attached gloves, face mask and instruction manual with safety. Agricultural worth a flamethrower to control weeds and zombies will be $ 700.

Although XM42 can be treated as a joke, a flamethrower on tests proved to be at 120%, clearing ice from walkways and destroying weeds by the roots. From other applications (other than the burning of a zombie apocalypse in the case) XM42 can be used to ignite the fireworks from a safe distance. I should add that in the United States are no legal obstacles to the use of flamethrowers in agriculture and life – no. Only in California and Maryland requires a special license.

Source: DailyMail

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