Packaging and user guide iPhone 5C

Before the launch of the new generation iPhone is little more than a week, and no doubt that Apple will introduce on it a budget version of its smartphone, it seems no more. And here we have an opportunity to see what the next few weeks we will be waiting on the shelves with products from Cupertino.

In the first photo captures packed iPhone 5C in a pink version of the case. It is noteworthy that the film stuck on the front panel of the smartphone, you can see a screenshot of the desktop iOS 7, which is made in the same color scheme. This means that the RGB palette smartphone inside and outside will be the same.

In the second picture we see the user’s guide iPhone 5C, where the wallpaper is look white. Probably, this document refers to the white version of the smartphone.

Finally, in the third photo captures the so-called iSkrepka designed to extract SIM-card. As we can see, this time Apple has decided to attach it to a simple sheet of cardboard in the shape of the packaging.

As we know, previously used booklets that are in your hand much nicer. In the booklet usually contains a sheet with two stickers with apples that cause buyers no less joy than the product itself. However, the sense of panic, apparently not. If you look in the left side of the photo, you’ll see another piece, which looked through the familiar logo. However, it is possible that it is not no label, just back of the guide, decorated with apple. A highly upset you, dear readers, if you do not find in the box is loved by all the souvenir?

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