New Heart Rate Monitors MIO ALPHA

New Heart Rate Monitors MIO ALPHA

New Heart Rate Monitors MIO ALPHA

Heart rate monitor MIO ALPHA – a new generation device that does not require for its work customary for this type of sensor devices and dense breast constant contact fingers and the electrodes on the body. Mio ALPHA can be simply worn on the arm.

Modern heart rate monitors for personal use are divided into devices with a chest strap that is attached to the body of an athlete with a special belt, and on the device in the form of a conventional wristwatch, which is necessary for only a few seconds to make them at least two finger . The first extremely accurate and shows the heart rate in real time. The latter are unable to show the rhythm on the run and therefore less useful for professionals and even amateurs active sports.

New Heart Rate Monitors MIO ALPHA

The developers of the company Mio created an alternative device that combines the best qualities of both devices. To light a project that scored on the website Kickstarter 321 thousand. USD. To read pulse, ALPHA simply put on hand. Video presentation of the revolutionary heart rate monitor (in English). In this video, the founder of Mio, Liz Dickinson talks about the hard way that her company had to overcome in order to develop a high-tech device:


In addition to actually display the gadget is equipped with a light indicator that displays, in a “zone” is a pulse and tells you whether you want the user to “put pressure” or, on the contrary, “The Siege of horses.”

New Heart Rate Monitors MIO ALPHA

The gadget is waterproof and allows you to dive to a depth of 30 meters, that is, it can take to the pool or the sea.


Mio ALPHA based on the technology, which has long been used in the professional medical equipment – several sources is projected onto the patient’s skin light rays that allow a special sensor to “see” how pulsating blood vessels under the skin of the person. In hospitals, however, such sensors are typically directed to the ear if the patient is unconscious or in a coma, or, in extreme cases, on the forehead. This technology is obviously not suitable if the person is actively moved.

It would be naive to assume that so far no one has tried to apply this technology to more compact devices. However, running man, paradoxically, actively waving his arms and legs, which makes the optics very thankless task. Prior to the development team Mio no one had thought to use a motion sensor and a special software algorithm, which would offset the movement in the aggregate the user’s hand and makes light sensor possible even in the most difficult situations.

Mio creators claim that the tests in the laboratory Philips, and then at the University of Maastricht has shown that the device operates with an accuracy of ECG. The developers claim that it checks on people traveling at the speed of 20 km / h, that is, athletes, out in full and not sparing the heart rate monitor in his hand – and it is perfectly demonstrated their heart rate in real time.

New Heart Rate Monitors MIO ALPHA

Mio enables data transfer via Bluetooth, so the heart rate data can be displayed on the screen of the smartphone, download a third-party applications on the iPhone, iPad or smart phones and tablets running Android. ALPHA Mio supports such popular apps like RunKeeper, Endomondo, MapMyRun, Strava, Wahoo Fitness, MapMyRide, miCoach and many others.

Features Mio ALPHA:

  • Soft Silicone Strap
  • Strap length 145-198 mm (size M / L) and 132-172 (Size S)
  • Matrix LCD-display
  • The intuitive 4-button operation
  • LED-light display change notification zones pulse
  • Secure strap
  • Support wireless communication system bluetooth Smart
  • USB docking station with magnetic mount
  • Lithium polymer battery
  • Waterproof case – the perfect choice for classes in the pool


  • Heart Rate Monitor Mio ALPHA
  • charger
  • user manual

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