Drop Test iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C


After the release of the flagship devices, many are beginning to worry about how it will behave in the event of a smartphone on a hard floor. It seems that the guys from Android Authority this is a concern not less, so they tested the apple champions.

This is not the first time they conduct such tests. A year ago, in the same way were tested iPhone and Galaxy S3. At that time, it became clear that the plastic case can not be compared with metal.


But is all plastic so bad ? Apple has provided an excellent opportunity to test this by releasing iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, two very similar devices that do different body materials. In 5S already familiar aluminum, while at 5C, according to John Quince, “perfect plastic”.

Joshua Vegrara of Android Authority conducted a test and found out there was able to outperform aluminum plastic case.

To simulate the real situation, he threw smartphones with breast height to the rear and sides of the lid. The final test was the same for the fall display on the asphalt.

The results speak for themselves – a plastic device broke the fall.

As you can see, Apple continues to surprise people and pay more attention to the strength of materials and devices that can not but rejoice .

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