The number of activated in the world of Android-devices has exceeded 1 billion

The total number of activated in the world of mobile devices on the Android platform this week has exceeded one billion. This was announced by Larry Page at the announcement of financial results of the company in the II quarter of 2013.

According to official statistics concerning the number of activations of Android-Gadget, Google CEO has confirmed that it has already exceeded the mark of 1.5 million per day. Thus, this week around the world has become more than a billion smartphones, tablets, and other devices on the platform Android. Users of such gadgets downloaded from Google Play more than 50 billion apps.

The ecosystem has made a huge jump from last year when it was reported “only” about 400 million activations. Now every seventh person on Earth to have a device operating on Google. This rapid proliferation of Android and gadgets on the Linux operating system, not least due to the activity of the developer.

“The new world – it’s multi-screen world. Now there is not only the phones and computers, but also thermostats, clock displays and sensors, and even new devices like Google Glass. They can listen, feel, see and hear, “- said Google.

As the head of the Internet Corporation, a world remain populous regions, where the penetration of Android below 10%, which creates opportunities for the development of the platform.

Android – a leader in the global smartphone market, but it is inferior segment of tablets iOS.

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