The share of Windows Phone in Europe was 9.2%

Research agency Kantar has provided evidence that the European market has seen a significant increase in sales of smart phones on the operating system Windows Phone. According to experts, the three summer months the share of Microsoft’s mobile platform in the five countries of Western Europe rose to 9.2%.

The best indicators of Windows Phone demonstrated in France and the UK: in these countries, its sales levels achieved double-digit value, 10.8% (+5.2% compared with the same period last year) and 12% (+7.5%), respectively . In Germany, a little more modest success, and with a share of 8,8% (+5%) WP 1% behind the operating system iOS.

As for Android, then analysts say that after several years of continuous growth in the markets of developed countries it has reached its limit. The main engine of this growth were smartphones Samsung, whose share has been steadily declining under the pressure of competition.

Promoting Windows Phone Sunnebo connects with the advent of Nokia’s low-end market and mid-range phones, in particular, the models Lumia 520 and Lumia 620. The first of these is the best selling smartphone on Windows Phone.

Other countries with positive dynamics of growth of sales represented Spain with the index 2.2% (+0.1%), United States – 3% (+0.4%) and Australia – 6.5% (+2.8%). The decline occurred in two significant markets: Italy’s share is 9.5% (-0.8%) and China 2.1% (-2.6%).

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