Are you ready to pay for the redesign of applications in iOS 7?

The new firmware iOS 7 will be released this fall. Judging by the fact that Apple has shown the public, “Seven” will be the biggest change in the operating system since the release of the first iPhone in 2007. Total processing operating system means that third-party developers will have to adapt their applications for the new “flat” design. However, some of them believe that for a software update to iOS 7 users should pay again.

This important question raised co-founder of the studio Iconfactory Gideon Maheuks the company’s blog:

“I’m sure most people think that with the release iOS 7 developers need to make only minor changes to its software, to redraw the icon and put update the App Store. However, in practice different. Work after the release of the new operating system will have a lot, and some developers may well decide to re-release their products completely. Why not? The program changed the design, a good opportunity to make money. Developers can release new versions of their applications for iOS 7 and only support them. As a result, people have no choice: either to pay again for the program, or to reject it.”

The adaptation of existing programs for developers is likely to take a lot of effort, time and money. “But if people are willing to pay again just to update the application programming interface” – asks Maheuks.

Tweetie is the creator of the sad experience of such a plan. Releasing the second version of the Twitter client Tweetie, Brichter Lorin was charge $ 3 for their development. As a result, most of the people abandoned its program.

And would you pay for a redesign of the application in iOS 7?

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