The next generation iPhone could get OLED-display

So far, Apple has not used in their products screens, made by technology OLED. The iPhone and iPad company uses LCD-displays, which, according to Tim Cook, are the most advanced in the industry. However, according to the patent, published this week, Patent and Trademark United States, the company does not rule out the possibility to transfer the iPhone and iPad to the technology of organic light-emitting diodes.

OLED-displays have low thickness and extremely cost – LCD panel, even with record low consumption can not compete with them on this indicator. But this technology has a number of drawbacks. The main is that the picture fades in bright light and does not differ a great durability: over time, the display begins to overwhelm one of the colors.

Apple patent describes a method to address the shortcomings OLED-screens. The patented technology is called “The combination of organic light-emitting diodes with photodiodes» (Organic light diode having photodiodes). It is assumed that the display of the mobile device will receive a special set of sensors that will analyze the state of the diodes and automatically adjust their work. If the color or brightness of the image on the screen is varied, for example in case of deterioration of light-emitting elements, sensors will offset their defects, making the image more uniform.

Also in Apple patent describes technology to automatically adjust the brightness of different parts of the OLED-display with uneven lighting and ways to extend the life of OLEDs.

Apple’s interest in OLED technology is not in doubt. In February, the company hired a reputable expert on OLED-displays and semiconductors James Lee, who previously collaborated with companies LG and Samsung. James Lee is now on the staff of the American consumer electronics giant.

Ways to use OLED in Apple rumored ever since the release of the first iPhone. One of the main advantages of technology is the ability to create a device with a curved screen.

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