iPhone 6 will receive a magnetic slot for SIM-card


Apple has patented the SIM-card, which provides a simple replacement, removal and protection for your device. Patent entitled «Systems and methods for ejecting removable modules from electronic devices» (extraction systems and methods movable modules of an electronic device), describes the construction of a new tray “simok” which works due to the magnetic and mechanical strength is not.

The traditional tray for SIM-cards, Apple patented in 2012, is based on ten other patents of the company, issued from 2000 to 2010. SIM-card in iPhone 5s/5c the memory size and functionality are no different from its predecessors, but much smaller in size: the size of nano-SIM is 9 to 12 mm (compared to 15 by 22 mm at the micro-SIM), and the thickness of nano- SIM is about 15% less. Apple has approved the specification of the European Institute of Standards in the field of telecommunications ETSI.


New Apple patent describes a tray mechanism comprising a plastic or metal housing, protection against misplacing card in the connector and a small magnetic lock retention slot on site. Thus, as noted, it is unnecessary to use the spring contact arm and attached to the spring contact.

The patent Apple states that the sample trays even nano-SIM take up too much space in the case of mobile devices that require the use of special clips to extract and collect dust, because their design has an opening that allows you to set in motion a mechanical lever.


Application of a magnetic mechanism will reduce the size of mobile electronics, speak to Apple. As for the devices that can be used so the SIM-card, it can be smart phones, tablets or players Apple next generation.

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