Apple has found a way to extend the battery life of the iPhone

These days, smartphones uses a large number of users, but with a powerful processor and other advantages of “smart” phones and bring their disadvantages. Even careful when you handle not to drop the device is expensive, inferior chief: rapid discharge of the battery. Apple has developed a technology, designed to significantly increase the battery life of mobile devices from the battery, and you do not even need to build capacity built-in battery.

In the patent application entitled “Power management in electronic devices» («Power management for electronic devices») describes “smart” system which sets the behavior pattern and smartphone member according to the location and given person is currently able to disable any features or close-intensive applications.

As an example, a situation where a typical user in the morning charging your iPhone, then place the GPS-navigator on the way to work, watching videos and making a few phone calls during the day, before he will need to put a smartphone charging. To reduce the energy consumption system can determine if there is enough battery life to it or not. If not, it begins to shut down non-critical functions of the device.

The technology takes into account the user’s location. For example, if the device finds out that the owner is close to the place where it can charge, it will not take action to save energy.

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