The District Attorney of San Francisco, was pleased with the anti-theft system in iOS 7

The District Attorney of San Francisco, George Gascon was pleased with the work function «Activation Lock» in iOS 7. According to him, the new Apple mobile platform has made significant progress in the protection against theft of smartphones and tablets.


The appearance of the function Activation Lock users iOS-devices are required by American law enforcement officers. Recent asked to contribute to the prevention of the leading manufacturers of mobile theft. Activation Lock in the new operating system iOS 7 allows you to completely block the stolen iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Up to this point, Apple was the service Find My iPhone, allows you to limit access to a smartphone, but it does have some limitations, moreover, such a lock not too hard to get around, for example, a simple flashing the device.

Last week, Apple unveiled its development in the field of “anti-theft” technology expert group. Technicians were issued iPhone 5 with activated anti-theft system Activation Lock, as well as smart phones Samsung Galaxy S4 with the function «Lojack for Android». According to Gascon, he can not yet discuss the technologies that are being developed, however, he said that Apple plans to launch the “anti-theft” system for the iPhone and iPad this fall.

“I really liked that they came and shared their development”, – said the prosecutor met with Apple and Samsung. Microsoft and Google have yet to present their solutions. Gascon promised to keep secret the information about the products as long as all of the major manufacturers do not demonstrate their development.

According to Gascony, the results of the experiments gives great hope to reduce thefts of smartphones in the long run. The only way to get access to the mobile device that is protected by Activation Lock, is to enter the Apple ID and user password. Even a complete restoration of the smartphone will not remove the protection.

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