The new chips will reach Haswell iMac and MacBook Pro in a month the emergence of new Haswell processors from Intel Ultrabooks in apple MacBook Air users have a reasonable question arose when the changes come upon us, and other devices. It is believed that this will happen very soon – in late August, early September.

Such information is provided to one analyst firm KGI Securities. According to him, the new generation of MacBook Pro laptops with Haswell chips will see the light at the end of August, and the one-piece iMac hit the market later.

At the moment it is not clear what specific changes come upon new items, in addition to changing the processor. One can assume that after the transition to the new MacBook Pro Haswell will take longer to work in offline mode, as the main feature of the latest chips from Intel has low power consumption.

In the case of apple monoblock power consumption plays a much smaller role. Therefore, the iMac can be used “desktop” version of the new processors from Intel. Anyway, precise information will be known only after the official release of the new devices.

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