Stack – the concept of the printer with a completely new principle

Desktop computers are rapidly becoming obsolete, and trends in the mobile market are changing like the weather. According to Mugi Yamamoto (Mugi Yamamoto), there is at least one segment of the market, showing stability – Printers.

Printers are an essential part of any office, will always be in demand. That is why designers should spend more time on improving the appearance of these devices.

As part of his graduation project at the University of Art and Design (Ecole cantonale d’art de) Yamamoto presented a pretty interesting concept printer called Stack.

New remarkable lack of paper feeding tray and a completely new mode of operation. To start printing – you need to put an inkjet printer Stack on top of a stack of paper. You can then proceed to print. The printer will use paper from above, gradually clearing his way down. This approach can significantly increase the capacity of an imaginary tray and save space and time spent filling out the paper tray.

Overall dimensions of the printer are 29.7х42х5 cm At the moment the device is in the prototype stage, and Mugi Yamamoto is actively searching for companies that will help him as soon as possible to improve and start mass production of Stack.

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