iPad replaces Briton anesthetic during surgery


British surgeons of the hospital in Plymouth held the world’s first operation using the iPad instead of an anesthetic. The patient is so fascinated by the work on the “apple” tablet that does not feel pain during the medical intervention.

65-year-old woman did not make a general anesthetic, as is necessary in such cases, but it did not alarmed lover tablets. Janet Blank held in the minds of all time, until doctors changed her knee.

“I heard all that surgeons were doing – the sounds of a hammer, drill, but that does not bother me,” – she said.

Anesthesia Briton replaced iPad, donated by his granddaughter. The operation lasted two hours and was successful. Throughout the operation Janet talked with doctors.

Surgeons say that the method tested on British patient, significantly reduce the load on the body for the operated.

“With the ability to avoid general anesthesia, we can greatly facilitate post surgery patients. Typically, after a general anesthetic man has a weakness, and is in a depressed state. Without this procedure, patients will be able to quickly and painlessly to rebound after the operation, “- said the doctor Matt Oldman.

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