TAG Heuer began to develop its own "smart" watches

TAG Heuer began to develop its own “smart” watches

TAG Heuer began to develop its own "smart" watches

TAG Heuer is a Swiss manufacturer of chronometers elite class. Recently announced the launch of its own development of “smart” devices. Another project will be attended by Intel and Google. Let’s look at the project hours closer.

As expected, the watch will go on sale by the end of 2015. Retail price (approximately) will be $ 1,400. This is quite a considerable price for such gadgets. But the company is counting on customers who prefer famous brands. The prototype will serve as a model known Tag Heuer Carrera. Let’s look at the main features watches of Tag Heuer Carrera.

Features of the Tag Heuer Carrera

On the technical stuffing watch – Tag Heuer Carrera is little known. As the hardware platform chosen one of the chips Intel (Corporation will also provide all the necessary sensors). The role of the software shell executes Android Wear.

Project authors declare that battery life will be a novelty at least 40 hours.

TAG Heuer began to develop its own "smart" watches

To advertise products – TAG Heuer has chosen a somewhat unusual strategy. Jean-Claude Biver is responsible for promoting the project. He was interviewed by authoritative news agency Bloomberg. In it, he urged members will buy Apple Watch.

His position argued marketer is simple: the more people will acquire a clock from Apple. And the sooner they will want to try similar competing solutions.

Conclusion of the Tag Heuer Carrera

Tag Heuer Carrera’s hard to say about the future hours of good or bad arguments. But we think that the Swiss manufacturer create a really nice watch.

Source: iTechPost

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