Stop selling Apple iPod classic

In the near future Apple refuses to release portable devices iPod Classic and will focus on the development of the updated iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It is reported by 9to5Mac, covering the latest “apple” trends. Production of classical players can be terminated in September of this year.

Over its 12-year history of the iPod Classic has become a true legend among all music lovers who prefer to keep almost their entire music collection in your pocket. It is the latest version of the player Apple, which established a full hard drive, while in all current versions of “tachey” and other gadgets used in flash memory capacity is relatively small.

“I do not see that Apple developed the iPod Classic, the company did not even updated its dock connector” – said analyst Charles Golvin of, Forrester. With him agrees Anthony Scarcella, founder of the website Gazelle, to resell the used mobile and computer electronics. “It’s been a few years since the last update iPod Classic. We suspect that this time the player is gone, unless, of course, Apple did not announce a new modification of the September 10 “, – he said.

The current iPod Classic, introduced in 2009, is equipped with a hard disk of 160 GB, which can store on the device to 40,000 music tracks and podcasts. Although other models of Apple players have much less capacity to develop their company much more promising.

It is unlikely that cutting back on line players will be announced Sept. 10 – Apple does not like to talk about such things in public – but the corresponding changes in the directory online store Apple Store may have become available in the near future.

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