Camera Leica M from Joni Quince

If you thought that Johnny Ive been developing only new products for the company from Cupertino, it does not. Apple chief designer spent a lot of time working on a variety of items for the charity auction (Product) Red, which will be held on November 23 in New York. In particular, recently manufacturer of professional photographic equipment Leica introduced a designer version of the Leica M cameras from Quince, created specifically for this auction.

To create a camera Johnny Ive enlisted his friend Marc Newson – to develop it took them 85 days. In operation, the designers have considered more than 500 models, but still managed to settle on a single version. Exclusive “Leica” is estimated at 700 thousand dollars, while the price for the usual Leica M range from six to seven thousand dollars.

The camera is equipped with a full-frame CMOS-sensor, powerful processor and the new optics Leica APO-Summicron-M 50mm f / 2 ASPH.

The device is made ​​entirely in the style of Johnny : no unnecessary elements, nice design, use of materials of the highest quality. At the same time, the technical characteristics of the camera is a little different from other members of the line of Leica M.

Besides the camera, the auction will be raffled off and other items out of the lab and Quince Newson: gold headphones Apple EarPods, piano Steinway & Sons, designer car Range Rover and many others.

A month ago, the (Product) Red reported that Apple donations to charity exceeded $ 65 million, making it the most generous of all the companies that participate in the program.

All funds raised at the auction on November 23, will go to fight AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and other major diseases.

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