Review of game Rayman Legends: good joke

If you’ve seen Rayman Origins , you know what to expect from Rayman Legends. This is another game about the French team mascot with big-nosed, big-bellied friends who rush to the castles and cakes from left to right, while in the background creaking pipes and sings the chorus of Scottish boys.

The main thing, though, it’s not cake, but the fact that just like Origins, this is one of those games that is hard not to fall in love. Legends looks like the perfect embodiment of the word “funny”. Michel Ancel with the team are a series of twenty years. Now they have reached such heights that even the logo of Legends looks like a little cartoon, and brings a smile.

The game itself is making fun of everything. Her picture is bright at the same time, as an illustration in a children’s book, and is similar to a newspaper cartoon. The music sounds as if the orchestra sits behind the scenes of clowns, who plays Celtic ballads. It is necessary to mention that all of the characters, the enemies and friends to spread the level of skulls, pretending funny faces. And the gameplay is constantly throws up funny situations.

For example, to make a few friends Reymenu sometimes have to kick the ball, and in the beginning of the level you can fall down on the little blue wizard that turns him into a duck. Impossible to list all the details, Legends gets them out of the hose every couple of minutes.

For all of this, of course, is to say thank you stupid Nintendo – if not for her, Legends could remain exclusive to Wii U. But for the white console games sold so bad that Ubisoft has decided to port to other platforms platformer.

The legacy effect. From the Wii U in the game have a few ideas, invented specifically for the gamepad with a touchscreen. Approximately one-third of the levels near the band Reymana will soar a little green partner. Use it to cut the rope or interfering move the platform. On the Wii U and Vita they can be commanded by touching the screen, and on platforms where there is no touchscreen, just press one button – it will work automatically.

I played on the PC and noticed that the mechanism in his head is not always realize where you will jump. For complex maneuvers, green ally can sometimes grab the wrong lever. Play it does not interfere, but it is clear that the idea is ill-suited to conventional gamepad.

But it seems to be the only drawback Legends. The game is impressive, even when compared with the great predecessor – now there are daily and weekly tests, where you can compete with other players, giant bosses, and three-dimensional multiplayer, which play football. A further 40 refurbished levels of Origins.

Simply put, we got one of the best platform games the past few years. If you fondly remember games like Earthworm Jim, do not miss Rayman Legends.

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