State of Decay: the problem of zombies in the middle lane

Over the past five years, ever since the game about the walking dead have become mainstream, the players had formed the image of a perfect game about zombies. This so you can bash who walk corpses heavy wrench on the head, to fend off hordes behind barricades settlements, searching for food, to distribute rations, kill your friends (if suddenly one of them suspiciously kashlyanet) and a steady hand to lead supporters in a bleak future.

In the zombie genre has left dozens of games. Had to survive each. And while the image to the above simulation the last people on Earth could not come, no. Dead Rising has turned a disaster into a farce. DayZ still not completed. A Dead Island authors have simplified so that it looks more like a protracted fight in the Black Sea resort.

Against the background of jokes and broken promises State of Decay seems standard zombie game. This summer, she came to XBLA, a couple of weeks ago there was on Steam, and at first glance everything, it requires heart fan: a small community of survivors, the search for food, open world, and wrenches. On the second – the situation is slightly more complicated.

Most in State of Decay is surprising that there are no heroes. Instead, the team of characters the player receives a collective of people. In the beginning they were hiding in the church – sleeping bags on the floor, barbed wire around the perimeter. You can play almost any (as long as he trusted you) and, thus, each team is mortal and replace. If one of the characters will eat the zombies, the game continues, and you lose it forever. the church is smoking an empty provincial town, the streets knocking around sniffing the bodies, and behind them is the American Valley. To survive, your team will have to periodically there to loot. People need food, medicine, ammo, and more useful building materials and gasoline. All of the above must be sought in abandoned houses, so sit behind the walls of the fortress will not work. choice is yours. Someone slap gate of the church, will sit in the jeep and make it to the right house, crunching on the road zombie skulls. Another take bot-mate and would sneak there, hiding in the bushes. The problem is that all resources, including machines, the game ends and once broken jeep did not return. And the loud noise will attract into your territory dead. Rowdy players may encounter problems when their shots will gather dozens of hungry corpses. the same time, focus on some raids are not worth it. The game will periodically throw plot and generated jobs. For example, in other towns near your trying to survive are the same group as yours, and each has a chain of missions in history. You can ignore them, we can help. And even your team is able to deliver the problems. When you do not control your friends, they are worn for their own resources, and sometimes get into trouble. In addition, each of them can become infected zombie virus, after which it will only shoot. week in church, you probably want to move to a more fortified, cozy house. To do this, the valley scattered dozens of buildings and choosing one can build up over a boring colonial condo real zombie fortress, with towers, garden and workshop. The more you get “bunker”, the self-sufficiency will be your community. ideas are linked in a great game. So, for modest money here offer the most detailed and believable simulation of survival to the end of the world. In the complex structure State of Decay I did not like that a few small things. First, she got early access to Steam and there has not yet had time to catch all bugs.

And secondly, the story missions seem very simple – they almost do not pull the story forward and do not differ much from the generated. That is, left a great game about zombies, which lacks only one thing – the story. If you’re looking for a game about the apocalypse with a strong plot, select the still stands between The Last of Us and The Walking Dead.

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