Wikipedia Zero – access to Wikipedia via SMS

Over the past few years, the online encyclopedia Wikipedia has become an indispensable part of life for most users. Smartphone owners even got apps and extensions to allow access to a vast storehouse of information without having to connect to the web. However, not everyone has a smartphone and access to the Internet.

In an attempt to increase the number of people who use Wikipedia, a non-profit organization Wikimedia Foundation officially presented the technology Wikipedia Zero. The developed technology allows the organization of owners of mobile phones to access the Internet encyclopedia by ordinary text messages.

The report Wikimedia Foundation states that recently launched a three-month pilot program with the support of the telecommunications company Airtel and non-profit foundation Praekelt Foundation of South Africa, will provide access to Wikipedia for more than 70 million people in Africa.

Works based on the basis of SMS-messages Wikipedia Zero technology is simple enough. Sending a request from a mobile phone * 515 # to answer the user receives a message in which he offered to do a search query and send it via regular SMS-message. On the basis of the user’s search query will be offered a summary of the specific record or theme. To get more information, you need only to click on your cell phone the key “1”.

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