Photos of the completed hull iPad 5

Blogger Sonny Dickson, famous for the publication of reliable insider from Cupertino , this time was able to take hold of the front and rear of the next-generation iPad and shared with us the photographs collected tablet shell. Nothing new in these photos we have not seen, but received another confirmation of rumors emerged earlier.

Roughly speaking, we have bigger version of iPad mini with a slim bezel, which allowed to reduce the body while preserving the familiar diagonal of 9.7 inches. It is also expected that the sensor glass plate was thinner, which will allow Apple to make the new product a thin and light.

Now it remains only to take over Sonny display, battery, and a few buttons and chips. We hope that soon he will be back with a more detailed picture story about the internals iPad 5 . Although we have not really disappoint, if this does not happen: after all, would like to see at least some intrigue to the release has been saved.

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