Best mini tablet 2014

Nexus 9 or 3 iPad mini – best mini tablet 2014

Best mini tablet 2014

Pure Android – the dream of those users who are not thrilled with customized shells – as embodied in the Nexus 9. And in this – one of its main features. And iPad mini 3, in turn, clearly represents a new generation iOS-Best mini tablet 2014 from Apple. Google Nexus 9 produced by the company HTC and running the latest operating system Android 5.0 Lollipop. Which of these tablets more attractive?

Search for the answer to this question is engaged in Christian Post columnist Erwin Dongines, dedicated to this topic is quite interesting article, which gives food for thought for anyone who is interested in the mini-tablets. There is no doubt that he wrote that HTC Nexus 9 and 3 iPad mini will be in great demand. We can only understand what differ most widely discussed tablets this fall.

Do judges best mini tablet 2014 Android and iOS can always find a great many arguments in favor of your favorite operating system and devices based on it. Another thing is that iOS-tablet – iPad is always a particular model, and Android-devices myriad. Against this background, stands Nexus 9 being the most tablet of Google, which debuted its long-awaited new operating system Android 5.0 Lollipop, completely changed the idea of ​​what to look for screen mobile device.

Display – best mini tablet 2014

As reported, best mini tablet 2014 iPad mini 3 has 7.9-inch display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. The image density on its screen is 324 pixels per inch. 9 Nexus has a 8.9-inch display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels and a density of 281 pixels per inch.

The thickness and housing

Apple’s best mini tablet 2014 is characterized by a thickness of 7.5 mm and has an aluminum housing. Google in the thickness of the device reaches 7.95 mm and has a soft back panel and metal edges.

Hardware Specifications – best mini tablet 2014

Best mini tablet 2014

Best mini tablet 2014 iPad mini 3 is based on the 1.3-gigahertz dual-core chip A7 coprocessor movement M7 and has 1 gigabyte of RAM. Nexus 9 is based on a powerful 64-bit dual-core processor Tegra K1 with a clock frequency of 2.3 GHz and the GPU Kepler DX1. The volume of its memory is 2 gigabytes.

Camera – best mini tablet 2014

At Apple best mini tablet 2014 on the rear panel is a 5-megapixel camera, and its front-facing camera of 1.2 megapixel. Google best mini tablet 2014 device boasts an 8-megapixel main camera and a 1.6 megapixel front.


iPad mini (with only Wi-Fi), submitted corporation among other exciting products will be sold at 399 dollars for a 16-gigabyte model, for 479 dollars for a 32-gigabyte model and 599 dollars for a 128-gigabyte model . Version that supports network 4G LTE, customers will be offered for $ 529 (16GB), 629 (32-gigabyte) and 729 (128-gigabyte) dollars.

16-gigabyte Nexus best mini tablet 2014 will cost 9 399 dollars for a 16-gigabyte version and 479 dollars – for the version with 32-gigabyte built-in storage. It is a tablet that only support Wi-Fi-connection. Version with 4G LTE will cost about 599 dollars.

Date of commencement of sales

Both best mini tablet 2014 from October 17, 2014 is available for pre-order. It is expected that Apple will begin shipping its tablet next week, while Google – only 3 November 2014.

Best mini tablet 2014

Looking at the price and on-time start of sales, the conclusion suggests itself that the best mini tablet 2014 market is planned to serious competition. iPad continues to be the most famous best mini tablet 2014 world, but Android-powered devices in this category are gradually becoming so popular, how popular and she is the most common in the world’s mobile operating system.

What do you think, what characteristics primarily looking user has to best mini tablet 2014? On technical indicators on the brand or familiar and the familiar operating system? iPad today at the peak of his popularity or Android created a deadlock ?

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