Sony and Panasonic are developing optical disc capacity of 300 GB

The belief that the optical drive is no future – erroneously claim by Sony and Panasonic. Together, they are going to first prove the claim. Currently, Sony and Panasonic announced the development of next-generation standard, which will be stored on a single optical disk up to 300 GB of information. Both companies have a great experience and our own products in the field of high-capacity optical solutions. Based on standard-based next-generation discs will be intended primarily for professionals, but can be useful to ordinary users.

Companies such as Google and Amazon have been trying to force users to use cloud storage services, but even they are still looking for an efficient way to backup their data. According to Sony, and Panasonic, these discs are the ideal solution for companies that work with high-definition movies and operate with huge amounts of information.

Available optical disks of 300 GB will be available in 2015.

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