Problems with Snapdragon 810 may delay the output of many champions in 2015

Problems with Snapdragon 810 may delay the output of many champions in 2015

Problems with Snapdragon 810 may delay the output of many champions in 2015

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors provide the performance of a variety of devices, from smartphones to the average person the latest flagships. Some manufacturers, including major players in the market, truly depend on Qualcomm, all needing a lot of their chips to meet consumer demand. And it seems that next year it could be a problem.

For example, the latest version of the processor Snapdragon 810 must be installed in smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G4, each of which, as you know, is the flagship device, so – on its sales expectations were high.

However, according to GSMArena with reference to the Korean sources, generation of smartphones in 2015 may be in “grave danger”. The fact that Qualcomm has serious problems with Snapdragon 810, which may interfere with the mass production of the chip, and hence the delay of future releases of the set of devices.

Problems with Snapdragon 810 may delay the output of many champions in 2015

According to the report, the processor is subject to overheating at a certain voltage, which greatly affects its performance. In addition, the problem supplement claims to the operation of the controller memory and possible bugs in the drivers Adreno 430 graphics chip.

Recall that the Korean giant said it is possible to produce its own chips. There is a notorious Samsung Exynos, and LG unveiled in October LG G3 Screen, working on the first processor company – NUCLUN. Nevertheless, such a solution cannot be called painless, and the problem of the delay output devices on the market that will not solve. In small batches processors require manufacturers.

However, the information is unconfirmed, so – continues to be classified as rumors.

In Snapdragon 810 revealed serious problems

The system-on-chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, which should become the flagship chip for smartphones and tablets in the first half of next year, is still far from ready. According to the newspaper BusinessKorea, corporations LG and Samsung are faced with problems of overheating and numerous errors on their smartphones developed.

Problems with Snapdragon 810 may delay the output of many champions in 2015

According to preliminary measurements made by the departments of development and testing LG and Samsung, Snapdragon 810 at the nominal operating frequency quickly heats up to temperatures uncomfortable for the user, and then pretty quickly controller chip temperature starts to resort to “throttling”, because of which seriously begins to sink performance. Furthermore, we found the problem of interaction of the processor and memory controller, resulting in errors. Without defects and does not cost the newest video processor Adreno 430, wrongly implements the specification OpenGL ES, but According to the source within the Qualcomm, is the smallest of the problems within the company as a bug in a graphics accelerator drivers already fixed, but customers corporations have not yet received the updated binaries.

According to sources BusinessKorea, Samsung is considering extending the geographical distribution of its smartphones with chips Exynos 7 because of problems with the Snapdragon 810, but the main obstacle to this will be LTE-modem, which requires certification of mobile operators who are accustomed to working with Qualcomm Gobi modems instead Intel XMM and others. The LG is no backup plan B in case of unavailability Snapdragon 810 for commercial release, so the companies are waiting for solutions from the most Qualcomm. The American company, of course, declined to comment, citing the fact that do not discuss rumors, but clarified that her own projects – a smartphone and a tablet for developers will go according to plan – in mid-December. The first announcements of smartphones and tablets on the new chip is expected to exhibitions Consumer Electronic Show and the Mobile World Congress in the first quarter of 2015.

We had problems with Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset

Many major manufacturers of smartphones depend on the supply of chipsets Qualcomm.

The following year, the market should see flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G4 on the latest chipset Snapdragon 810. But recently appeared on the network rumors threaten these companies’ plans.

Problems with Snapdragon 810 may delay the output of many champions in 2015

Korean sources claim that Qualcomm had serious problems with overheating Snapdragon 810 at a certain voltage. Even more trouble Qualcomm exacerbated by problems with the controller RAM and chipset drivers Adreno 430 GPU.

These problems are quite fixable, but they can lead to a certain delay in the start of mass production of Snapdragon 810 and affect the timing of release of some flagship smartphone or change their configuration.

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