Gear VR

Gear VR – Virtual Reality Glasses from Samsung

Gear VR

“Where demand and supply there” – this simple truth well known in Samsung Electronics, often “peeping” competitors popular features in their products. Therefore, in an effort to learn a new producer, a potentially lucrative area points of virtual reality is not surprising – after all you need to challenge the Oculus Rift?

Recent news from the blog Sam Mobile convince us that the Korean release points on the horizon. Learn more – under the cut.

Gear VR

Gear VR

This title will be wearing a new generation gadget from Samsung. If the rumors are true, see the innovative points we can in September, at IFA 2014 in Berlin, together with the new flagship for Android (Will this Galaxy F or Note 4 – unknown).

Gear VR

Earlier in the press appeared information that the leader of the Android market is working to create “smart” glasses, but in that case it was a self-gadget , while Gear VR works in tandem with smartphones Galaxy, functioning through sensors in the device, like cardboard “helmet” Cardboard, which is distributed to the Google I / O 2014.

Connection is established by USB 3.0, used for navigation touchpad, located on the right side of the device.

Gear VR fastened with elastic rubber bands, so expect that they will enjoy a few more comfortable than cardboard competitor.

There is hope for a successful implementation of the idea and wait for a revolution in the gaming world, which can lead to virtual reality goggles.

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