Samsung officially announces the Samsung Galaxy S4

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4 causes fire

Samsung officially announces the Samsung Galaxy S4

More recently, we reported to you about how Samsung Galaxy S III caught fire in the back pocket of jeans girl, so that she received serious burn. However, as it turned out, she used to devayse after market battery, which eventually led to the fire smartphone.

In another case, involving already Galaxy S4, it was “out of the box”, but the victim had time to notice that something was wrong and prevent serious consequences. The hero of today’s news is also a smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4.

The story happened in Hong Kong. The owner of the smartphone launched the game on your devayse as he suddenly broke out in his hands. Caught unawares, he threw it on the sofa, and he immediately burst into flames. Then the flames quickly spread to other things.

Promptly firefighters arrived 30 minutes of fighting the fire, but it was too late – in the end apartment burned down. Fortunately, the owner of the ill-fated machine escaped with only minor burns.

On assurance of the victim, he used the original battery and charger, which originally came bundled with the Samsung Galaxy S4, so the fire was apparently caused by faulty gadget. The very same South Korean company has not commented on this case.

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