Great apps for Android, iPhone owners inaccessible

Icon App Store – this is probably the most useful thing in our iPhone and iPad. Beneath it lie application for literally everything. Since we somehow just know that the App Store selection and quality of applications better than a competing store Play Market. Many developers produce applications for the iPhone in the first place, and only then for Android, – is an example of a popular game Monument Valley . And there are programs that do and do not reach to Android as Tweetbot . This is due to the fact that the Play Market developers more difficult to obtain a profit even despite the fact that the devices for Android more popular. However, there is a Play Market products that are not available in the App Store, but noteworthy. Compilation of these programs prepared colleagues from Business Insider.

Hello SMS

This application replaces the standard tools for text messaging in Android-smartphones. Actually this is the reason that Hello SMS is not available in the App Store. The iPhone is no one to replace it does not. In the appendix there is a system of tabs and chat rooms for the convenience of the organization to switch between them. Looks really interesting.

Price: Free


Another application, which had no place in the App Store, developed at Yahoo. Aviate helps organize work with a smartphone, studying the habits of the user and offering him the right applications at the right time. Weather and news feed during your waking, office applications, when you’re at work and so on. I even felt sorry that I can not try it on your iPhone, but it’s worth noting that the application in beta status, and not all Android users until it is available by invitation only.

Price: Free


This application allows you to customize some features of your smartphone to automatically perform. Given a choice of more than 200 activities. Of course this iPhone can not be fine-tuning, and not all users are willing to her puzzled, but some certainly would not mind.

Focus Lock

This program allows you to configure automatic blocking some annoying programs. At the right time nothing but important calls or messages will not distract the user. Constant notifications from social networks, games and other applications are not the most useful will be blocked at your behest.

Price: Free

Link Bubble

A simple application that optimizes the network. Find the link in the tape Twitter, can be quite simple, without leaving the application, ask Link Bubble load content in the background, and when you have the time to view the page, it will be waiting for you.

Price: Free

DU Battery Saver

I prefer to use the name of the American Play Market, because in Russian store this application was referred to as «DU battery saving & widget.” But despite the obvious problems with the localization, the application may still be useful. To save battery life iPhone, you need to have some knowledge . Personally, I spent two days on the search for an application that is in the background eats battery. Android users are more fortunate for them to fulfill this task DU Battery Saver. Blocking oxygen voracious program creators promise the possibility of increasing the battery life almost in half.

Price: Free

Blue Mail

Checking e-mail – it is hard work that everyone would like to optimize. The more alternatives, the more likely to cope with this task. Blue Mail message is received in the form of a list of tasks, providing appropriate opportunities to work with him like applications to organize their own time.

Price: Free

SwiftKey Keyboard

Alternative keyboards for iOS does not exist, as well as the possibility of their integration into the system, unless of course you’re not a jailbreak. On Android, this is much easier, and to increase the convenience and speed of typing a message, you can use the keyboard SwiftKey, which adapts to the user, including the possibility of typos and errors, well, or reducing them to a minimum. The application has a free version.

Some applications of the Business Insider lists I have not included, since they are not available for users. This happens in the App Store. But even of the above, I would gladly tried each on its iPhone. Not rule out that some of the applications could take root. So with all the richness of choice in the App Store, Android users also have something to brag about, it is necessary to admit it.

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