Smartphone Lenovo Sisley S90-A review

Smartphone Lenovo Sisley S90-A review

Smartphone Lenovo Sisley S90-A review

Year-on-year consumer confidence in Lenovo smartphones is growing, and in terms of sales, the company has become the third – after Apple and Samsung. Good price / quality ratio, practicality, no serious competitive advantages of the more expensive representatives with the same positioning, making them favorites in the fight for the wallets. Especially in our country, in the light of new economic realities.

Among computers and laptops Lenovo brand is certainly not on the bench, but it is currently in the field. Disposition very profitable, there are not blunder and produce intelligent gadget. Today we talk about the Lenovo S90-A, inexpensive smartphone running Android 4.4.


For a relatively inexpensive device Lenovo Sisley S90-A nice packed. Company directly smartphone is good headphones, earplugs, silicone pad, as well as a transparent plastic case and a protective film.


What inspired designers in creating Lenovo smartphone immediately clear. Rear he does look like a hair’s breadth as a well-known smartphone, with the only difference being that the band had one, not two. Undignified, like, but the camera does not act immediately.

At the same time, if you ignore the explicit borrowing in the form of devices, it looks good. Manufacturing material – aluminum, very smart with the thinnest and lightest (146h71,7h6,9 mm, weight: 129 g). Feels gadget quality.

The connectors are located traditional Android-smartphone manner. Charging smartphone bottom headphones stuck on top, on the right power button and volume. Touch buttons below the screen touch. Business as usual.

Features Overview

Let’s start with the performance. The smartphone runs are not the most powerful processor Snapdragon 8916 processor with a clock frequency of 1.2 GHz. RAM enough, 2 GB. All these figures in isolation from the actual operating experience of anything not say, but in this case the expectations coincide with reality. All kinds of light and subtle “friezes”, “podlagivaniya”, in general, all the things for which we so much love android, is present here in full. However, you can sin and proprietary shell Lenovo Vibe UI.

Smartphone Lenovo Sisley S90-A review

The display is made by technology AMOLED, resolution is 1280×720 pixels. This is speaking of the objective. Subjectively, HD 5-inch and still not enough. Location PenTile pixel-type striking. At the same time, either in color reproduction, either in contrast to the display no complaints. But there is a brightness adjustment – it works nervously.

The volume of internal memory is 32 GB, of which the user has access to 24 GB. Slots for memory cards, no, okay. But the SIM-card, you can insert as many as two. Traditional advantage of budget before the flagships.

Proprietary interface Vibe UI

With each new version of Android to customize meaning “clean” version of Google release OSes smaller. And if it was almost necessary tuning, but now it’s only attempt producers stand out from the crowd.

The exterior of the Vibe UI is similar to what we see from manufacturers such as Huawei, Samsung, LG and many others. All the same bright colorful square icons.

It is worth noting that the Lenovo S90-A is a set of topics, among which you can choose the most vending. You can change icons of standard applications, screen and even a way to unlock it.

In addition to external changes, there are certain differences in the interface. For example, Lenovo considered redundant list of all installed applications, all programs are located on the desktop.

But not more than for any Android-based device is the antivirus. And it is here it is. Protect your smartphone from all sorts of malicious attacks designed to firmware application Security. Additional features include utilities more control and performance smartphone, so that the program will definitely be useful.

Smartphone Lenovo Sisley S90-A review

There are other programs provided by Lenovo. In particular, the icon widget with the sole purpose – to extinguish the screen (even wondering why she?) And a couple of utilities to synchronize and rassharivaniya content. Moreover, SYNCot certainly will be useful, as it allows to make a backup of calls, sms and other useful data.

Other stuff relate, for example, the work of blind notifications, which is drawn not from the top of the smartphone, and the “contraction” down desktop from anywhere. Just called Spotlight on iOS. Another “trick” – a simple change of wallpaper on the lock screen. Simple swipe – and you have a new lock screen.

The paper

The quality of the questions there. First of all, is temporarily lost connection Wi-Fi. Perhaps the matter in the raw version, but a weak excuse. The second grievance – the voice quality.

Autonomy is not a strong point of the device. The working day is different for everyone, a list of the applications you use, too, but in comparison to other smartphones at the same load Lenovo S90-A shows the average result. The presence of the battery module LTE and relatively small capacity (2300 mAh) play a role.

When the power saving mode to extend the work of the smartphone can be of interest on 30. to pay for it will have little.


Resolution no longer plays a key role in the final image quality. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning. To the rear of the camera, it is 13 Mn for the front – 8 megapixels.

Squelch works quite aggressively, the dynamic range is low, and unlike many other devices, the volume button does not make the picture. It’s definitely not a camera phone. The lens does not protrude from the body, but she would not speak.


Smartphone Lenovo Sisley S90-A review

Lenovo Sisley S90-A fairly typical representative of modern low-cost smartphones, in which all “good.” Good screen, good sound (including a “native” headphones), good performance, good materials assembly. And the overall impression of devaysa it is. Not bad. As in all respects it to the top level does not hold, that successfully masked price.

But if you still highlight the strengths of the device, it is the availability of slots for two SIM-cards, good sound and a large amount of memory. Of the minuses – the battery could be more powerful. The rest – is evenly turned from Lenovo smartphone.

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