Review Smartphone Lenovo Ideaphone P780

The main drawback of modern smartphones is the short duration of the work. The hero of this review if you do not intend to show an example, it’s very good result for the duration of working time. So Lenovo Ideaphone P780 – this is Dual SIM Android-smartphone equipped with a battery capacity of 4,000 mAh, working on the basis Soc MediaTek MT6589 c 1 GB of RAM and a 5-inch IPS-display. Let’s see what this is capable smartphone.


Inside the box, other than a smartphone, you can find documentation, OTG-cable, wired headset, USB-cable and AC adapter with an output current of 2 A. Options practically as possible, not enough unless the case. The headset provides the average quality of the sound is flat cable, straight plug and symmetrical arrangement of headphones. Call button and microphone are located on the block, placed on a wire that leads to the right earpiece.

Design and Ergonomics

At first glance, Lenovo Ideaphone P780 looks great and it would be desirable to compare with the likes Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but in fact it is not. Dimensions of the smartphone are 143h73h9, 95 mm, which is very good, especially knowing what else is hiding inside a capacious battery. Weight 176 grams smartphone puts everything in its place – in a shirt pocket your smartphone will not work. It is said that over time to such a weight you can get used to and it does not become a disadvantage in everyday use.

The keys and the following interfaces: at the top front of the grid is dynamic, in which the right of the LED missed events, peephole front camera and proximity sensors and automatic brightness, and at the bottom of the front panel are the hardware touch keys. They are backlit, which if desired can be disabled in the settings menu screen. At the ends of the smartphone are located rocker sound and a special recess for removing the rear cover (right), 3.5 mm jack, micro-USB plug for, and power key (top), the main microphone (bottom). The left side is empty smartphone. On the back of the lens is 8 MP camera, LED-flash, optional microphone and almost at the very bottom – a multimedia speaker. The back cover is made of anodized aluminum, it fits tightly to the body of the smartphone and pleasantly cools hand. Under the hood hiding two slots for standard miniSIM, and a slot for memory cards microSD, as well as the red push button reset. Battery is not removable. It should be noted that the side of the phone is made of two parts, which is at the junction of a thin strip of plastic into metal. The sharp edge of the frame, on the one hand helps to better hold your smartphone, and on the other a little pressure on the hand. Matt plastic back panel.

The advantages of ergonomics should include the quality of the materials, because even the volume button and the inclusion have circular patterns. A big plus point out the application of the metal cover. Glossy elements in the design of the smartphone there. The keys are pressed clearly and well felt. The only drawback is the location of the power button on the top end.

The operating system and shell

The smartphone runs on the operating system of Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean with its own interface Lenovo Launcher. The shell looks interesting and has a lot of settings. But first things first. Screen unlock the smartphone has a standard form. There is no possibility of unlocking the smartphone to lower the curtain of notifications and quick settings, which is useful in everyday use. With blinds notifications, you can go to the settings menu.

Unlocked smartphone, we get to the desktop. You can add a desktop window and select the main window. On the desktop, can be placed as widgets and shortcuts to programs. For the latter, there is the creation of folders. By clicking on the hardware “Menu” button, you will see an even greater number of additional options, including a choice of wallpaper, icons settings, settings, themes, effects, add and configure. At some points I will focus in more detail.

By clicking on the “Add” panel will open where you can select widgets, both standard and third-party programs.

By clicking on the item “Effects”, we get the parameters of the special effects. In this menu, you can change the animation of the desktop include a circular turning pages, animations, list of applications and other settings.

Select “Themes” allows to change the subject from the six available. By itself, the theme changes only the default applications shortcuts and screen saver.

Going into the applications menu, we can see all the installed applications on this phone. In a further display of the menu can be ordered application shortcuts, hide the selected application, adjust the look of the icons, select the density of the display icons and customize the display of animation. Making icons you can choose from seven preset styles.

Basic settings are presented in the form of three points: general parameters, settings and characters all settings. General options provide access to essential settings smartphone.

Settings characters are divided into two categories – are sensors and gestures, and so on.

In the category of sensors and gestures are four smart mode. Mode “in the pocket” will automatically increase the volume when you place your smartphone in your pocket. Mode “Out of pocket” does the opposite. ‘Smart’ Roll “button allows you to change the orientation of the upper and lower bars. “Smart Response” allows an incoming call simply to bring the device to your ear to answer a call. Among other settings include setting alerts, where you can select the programs that will not display notifications. A setting allows you to configure the event the LED indication. All settings – it’s all the usual settings that are as similar to those found in the standard Android Jelly Bean.

In flexibility for layout settings smartphone from Lenovo preinstalled shell is commendable. But, nevertheless, it is far from the interface flexibility MIUI. Do not like the fact that the change of topic changes only the intro and some of the shortcuts, but does not change the style of the interface.

The smooth interface average. There are jerks when scrolling through the windows desktop and menu applications that do not depend on the animation effect. The transitions between the different settings are accompanied by fits and starts. For comparison, was installed a third-party launcher Nova Launcher. During the work with third-party launcher, smooth interface was great, but the jerks from the phone settings to get rid failed.

Standard applications

Among the standard program is to provide: CamCard, CamScaner, Evernote, KingsoftOffice, Rote 66, Asphalt 7. Also there is a flashlight, voice recorder and FM-radio with recording capability ether. With the help of the training program, you can easily learn all the features of smartphones.

Hardware Platform

The smartphone uses a hardware platform from MediaTek MT6589. This platform is very popular among manufacturers from China. The processor has four cores c maximum clock frequency of 1.2 GHz, a graphics accelerator PowerVR SGX 544MP. The RAM is 1 GB, of which the user can use up to 500 MB. 4 GB of built-in data storage is available a little less than 1 GB.

On the synthetic performance tests show that MediaTek MT6589 only slightly behind Nvidia Tegra 3 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 400. The device performance is sufficient in order to Asphalt 8 was on medium settings with a comfortable amount of frames per second. Problems with a small amount of memory was observed.

Work Wi-Fi network does not cause any complaints. In the settings you can choose the behavior of Wi-Fi in sleep mode, select Wi-Fi bind to the selected network, turn on the saving power when connected to the network. GPS work deserves praise. After a cold start the smartphone took less than two minutes to find the satellites.


Not all the smart phones boast battery 4000 mAh, if we consider energy-efficient chip, it is very curious to see the results. In heavy use smartphone could hold 2.5 days. Of these, more than 8 hours was active screen. Program to test the battery Antutu Tester «tortured” smartphone almost 8:00, and showed an impressive 1402 points. During the second test Antutu Tester issued 1,258 points. These results are an average of two times more than the competition.

The fact that the key feature of a smartphone is capacious standard battery within a small body, the manufacturer emphasizes the brand preinstalled “The Battery”. With the application, the user can choose their power save mode and see the approximate battery life of the smartphone, as in the normal mode, and under different loads. In addition, the program keeps statistics on the consumption of resources battery applications.

In the read mode disables all wireless communications, including data transmission in a mobile network, and the display brightness set to 50%. When listening to music has an automatic synchronization of data over the mobile network. The display brightness is set to 50% volume in the headphones 12 of 15 possible levels. All music files in MP3, 320 Kbit / s. Navigation includes a route in Google Navigation app. Brightness exhibited 50%, all data communication modules disabled. When playing active video data transmission in a mobile network, display brightness set to 50%, the volume level at 12 out of 15 possible levels. A video file format MKV, 1024h432 point resolution, frame rate 24. Playing videos from Youtube accompanied only work on the network Wi-Fi. The display brightness is set to 50% volume in the headphones 12 of 15 possible levels.


Two cameras in the smartphone. Summary of 8 MP, and 1.3 MP front. There is a mode HDR. Video camera shoots in the resolution Full HD. It should be noted that the application chamber is called “Superkamera” and gallery “Supergalereya”. Perhaps because the manufacturer wants to hint at the features of the camera and gallery. The camera has many options.

Let’s start with a preset automatic modes. These modes are: “Explosion”, “panorama”, “Night Landscape», «HDR», «Twilight”, “smile”, “macro”, “Timer”. Mode “explosion” makes 10 shots and proposes to maintain the best quality one. In this mode, there is an intelligent selection of the best pictures. Also, there are two extended mode – a “group photo” and «GIF». Mode “Group Photo” works on a similar principle as the regime “explosion”, but does not 10, but 5 photos and select the best offers. With the regime «GIF» you can easily create your own animations recorded by the camera or simply by selecting pictures from the gallery.

There is a huge amount of additional filters for the camera. The good news is that the selected filter is displayed in real time.

The basic settings are divided into three main points: “General”, “Advanced” and “Other.” In general settings, you can change the resolution photos, scene mode, adjust effects, choose the quality, show an auxiliary line and choose where to save photos.

In the advanced settings you can set the ISO, white balance, and select the shooting touch of a finger. In other settings, is the inclusion of geo, mute the camera shutter, the choice of animation shooting, AF mode and factory reset the camera.

Camcorder settings easier. There is choice of camera for video capture, use of the flash, white balance selection, the choice of video quality, storage clips, sound mode, the inclusion of auto focus and reset to factory settings.


Lenovo Ideaphone P780 smartphone is equipped with IPS-display with a diagonal of 5 inches and a resolution of HD. The screen has an oleophobic coating, because fingerprints are easily removed. Auto Brightness is working correctly. The display brightness can be adjusted from 13 cd / m ² to 350 cd / m ², the average is 181 cd / m ². Supported multitouch on 10 touches.

Due to the low minimum brightness using a smartphone in the dark comfortably. In the sun the display fades, but still readable. The color gamut is almost perfect. Black color slightly darker than it should be, but, in principle, a good screen is calibrated.

The results

Smartphone Lenovo Ideaphone P780 – a very interesting model, primarily due to the capacious battery. It is worth noting that, despite the capacious battery, the smartphone does not put on weight. Also note the body materials and a good display. Do not like the standard interface Lenovo Launcher, it can slow down from time to time, but this is solved by installing a third-party. Another drawback of the standard interface is the confusion of its settings. If you close your eyes to the minor shortcomings, it remains the main advantage of the smartphone – it’s battery life, and here at a comparable price of other options not so much.


+ Impressive autonomous body materials

+ quality

+ display 

+ Small size for devices with capacious battery

Do not like it

– Shell Lenovo Launcher

– Location lock key

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