SmartPen Livescribe 3 is ready to works with Android

SmartPen Livescribe 3 is ready to works with Android

SmartPen Livescribe 3 is ready to works with Android

That just does not come up with the manufacturers of various devices? In 2013, the company Livescribe showed the world its one smart device. The device – this is not an ordinary pen. This smartpen that can write on paper to move to your mobile device. Therefore, as reported by the manufacturer of the smartpen called Livescribe 3 was the best invention in their company. Let’s look at the major updates that the has prepared company Livescribe.

Earlier, as you might know, a smartpen Livescribe 3 could only communicate on the iOS devices from Apple. But now the manufacturer has expanded its capabilities. And smartpen Livescribe 3 can work with Android OS. Now users can make notes and thus stored in the memory in electronic form on your any device.

Prehistory of development devices Livescribe 3

As the manufacturer says, the original idea was conceived for Android OS devices. But then the choice was made for the Apple devices. But as reported by the creator of intelligent devices that application Livescribe + works in a similar way as on Apple devices. But there are additional advantages. Android users have an opportunity to share their marks through applications OneNote or Evernote. What makes the new device is more advanced for our life.

SmartPen Livescribe 3 is ready to works with Android

According to the manufacturer, the new application is ready to start. But still being tested and will soon, we will be able to see the possibilities of use for users of the Android OS. The exact release date has not yet been said, but we think it will be in May 2015.

It was also noted that the updated smartpen Livescribe 3 will work with mobile devices on Android 4.4.2 KitKat and later versions. That is very convenient for users wearable and portable this device.

In conclusion, Livescribe 3 has many useful features. Basically, this device will be useful for students, writers, and people who take notes. And then use the notes in electronic form. The price of the new device will be 150 US dollars.

Source: TheVerge

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