Apple increased its spending on research and development

As the data in the annual report filed by Apple in the Securities and Exchange USA, the company significantly increased its spending on research and development activities.

Thus, over the past year on research and development by Apple spent $ 4.5 billion This amount was 32% (to $ 1.1 billion in monetary terms) than in the previous year. However, despite the fact that the growth of spending on research, their share was very low – only 3% of total sales. Compared with the previous year the cost of research activities increased by 1 percentage point.

Apple spends on the development of significantly less than other large technology companies. In comparison, Microsoft has spent on the development in 2013 fiscal year, $ 10.4 billion or 13% of total revenue. Google this year has already spent on the development of $ 5.8 billion in 2012 – $ 9.8 billion Samsung costs on research and development last year was $ 10.5 billion

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