SensorWake wakes favorite flavors

SensorWake wakes favorite flavors

Get up in the morning – no easy task. Conventional alarms are of little help. More annoying sounds inappropriate. What no one adds a good mood. Let’s look at a new device that wakes up in an unusual way.

Creators SensorWake offer a different approach – to wake up with the help of a pleasant aroma. For example – the smell of coffee, fresh pastries, mint and other favorite things.

Just insert the device into a special capsule and to indicate the exact time. Let’s see how works the device.

Features of SensorWake

SensorWake wakes favorite flavors

The important point. Authors of the project are very responsible attitude to this issue. Flavours for SensorWake created by the famous perfume company Givaudan of Switzerland.

By the way, spent quite economical units – one is used up to 60 times. The choice of dozens of tracks available. You can even learn how to smell dollars. No kidding.

According to tests, the gadget works in 99% of cases. The owner wakes up in 2 minutes. If a stuffy nose or sleep too strong – an audible signal (for insurance).

Conclusion of SensorWake

SensorWake – a funny thing. You can buy on Kickstarter. Pre-order price – 66 dollars. The release is expected in November 2015.

Source: Gizmag

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