Review SLR camera Canon EOS 700D

Great SLR camera for the amateur and the second (spare) for professional, 700D Canon confirmed reputation as a manufacturer of high-end equipment.

Design and ergonomics Canon EOS 700D

At first glance at the Canon 700D is clear that we face a representative digital fotoklassiki. Black body looks strict, no “rigmarole.” Exterior finish materials are commendable: plastic pleasant to the touch, with no hint of cheapness.

The device is based on the classical scheme of amateur cameras – without the optional LCD display on the top panel. Right moderately tight shooting mode dial without locking coaxially him – the power switch. As in other modern models of Canon, it includes a movie mode.

To select the ISO has a separate hardware button next – change the wheel and the shutter button.

Artificial lighting unit consists of a rising flash and hot shoe flash on-camera or synchronizer. There is also a stereo microphone. Rise built-in flash “electrified”: the camera is turned off, it will not open.

On the rear panel swivel LCD touch screen with two degrees of freedom: in the stowed position can protect the screen from damage.

For hardware buttons made an important operational adjustments: exposure compensation, white balance, drive modes and auto focus control, including manual selection of the phase sensor.

The only complaint – hardware button Picture Style selection in JPEG I’d rather control metering mode, still have to do this more often.

The memory card is installed in a compartment on the right panel of the case – you can change the card, even if the unit is mounted on a tripod.

Battery is traditionally located in the mine at the bottom of the case. Tripod socket is located on the optical axis of the lens.

At the front is just an indicator of the timer button and flash pop-up repeater diaphragm, both to the left of the lens.

In the left panel the two plugs that close sockets for wired remote control (IR receiver for IR signals only one and it is on the gun handle, front), microphone, HDMI and USB.

Weight of camera without a lens with battery and memory card 580 – bit, especially after a day it feels photowalk.

Rubber pads not only frame the battery grip, but also placed under the thumb.

Locating Controls perfectly thought out, the owners even fairly large hands can comfortably hold the device with one hand and without the aid of the left hand, you can change almost all the important settings.

Functionality Canon EOS 700D

Canon 700D is equipped with a 18-megapixel (5184 x 3456) CMOS-matrix size 22,3 x 14,9 mm with integrated obtain phase information for the needs of focus. Crop factor – 1.6.

ISO sensitivity range extends from 100 to 6400 in video and photos in the 12800, there is a “doubler” to 25600.

Responsible for processing 14-bit processor DIGIC 5.

Shutter with electronic control provides a range of speeds from 30 to 1/4000, which allows for the majority of creative techniques, except, perhaps, super-fast shooting (but fans do not indulge in such things). If sunlight is necessary to maximize open-aperture diaphragm of the lens, just buy a good ND filter, it is useful when shooting at slow shutter speeds under normal lighting conditions.

Burst speed in RAW and JPEG up to 5 / s – the result is not outstanding, but for reporting and sports photography buy other cameras and 700D perfectly fulfills “domestic” situation.

The difference in the buffer capacity. RAW is for 6 frames (ie, more than a second event) for the JPEG is 22 (almost four seconds, it really is a lot). After filling up the speed drops to 1.2-1.5 / s, verification was performed with a fast card Kingston 64 GB SDXC UHS-I U3 .

Optical viewfinder with diopter adjustment shows about 95% of the future frame, increase – x0, 85. Viewfinder is light enough, though a bit on the edges of the brightness drops. If you are not satisfied with these figures, just switch mode Live View, there is a tenfold increase and can temporarily increase the sensitivity.

Proximity Sensor person photographer works well, it disables the LCD screen, as seen in the optical viewfinder.

Phase sensor for auto focus actually two.

Classic “mirror” is a nine-similar set in the chamber of a higher class 60D, and all points cruciform. Their location in the frame lucky captured as the golden section line and quarter. Selections can be trusted automation and can make most brute exercise wheel while pressing the button, the display in the optical viewfinder is.

The main complaint concerns the backlight: no constant light bulb is used instead strobe flash mode, it can scare a child or draw unwanted attention to the photographer.

Second sensor – the matrix itself, which integrates the elements of the definition phase of light.

As already mentioned, the autofocus in Live View and movie are not completely phase, it is a hybrid, ie Phase information is used for rough pickup, and finally sharpen already adjusted the contrast method.

Speed ​​and accuracy by a mirror mode is to be commended – even in low light camera shows good results. But on a hybrid system engineers still have to work. What it is – a definite plus. High accuracy during the test failures occurred at the level of statistical error. But the speed is poor.

The DIGIC 5 Canon allowed the engineers to add a number of interesting features “computing” pictures – HDR, handheld shooting in low light conditions, lens distortion correction (vignetting, chromatic aberration).

Noise reduction at high ISO values ​​occurs when folded four series made with short exposures in one frame. The main condition – no moving objects.

Three-inch LCD display, it 1040000 pixel matrix Clear View II TFT. Image quality is excellent, if you raise the brightness to maximum, when shooting in bright sunlight does not create any problems.

The sensor is made of capacitive technology. High sensitivity, as well as positioning accuracy. Supports simple gestures recognized by touching two fingers.

Battery LP-E8 leads to approximately 550 shots on a single charge.

The quality of images Canon EOS 700D

As usual, the raw files from the camera, JPEG and RAW, can be downloaded for independent scrutiny on this link .

Automatic white balance gives the correct color in most shooting situations. Under the default saturation is normal, only in her red colors sometimes you want a little bit lower.

Noises have ceased to be a problem of digital photography at ISO below 3200. That’s why no examples of files with ISO 200-1600. See ISO 3200, quality degradation becomes visible. Noise traditional character sets for Canon – soft and unobtrusive. If you love the “sleek” image, just set the maximum power noise reduction via the menu: examples made with average parameters.

JPEG-files allow you to print normally the exposed shot taken at ISO 6400, the format of 20×30 cm The only problem – the restriction of the dynamic range in the shadows, which means that small details will be lost there.

Pokolduyu on RAW and will be able to get a hard copy of the same size of the file made by ISO 12800. Yes, noise is visible, as well as general weakness due to the narrowing of the dynamic range. However, some five years ago, a similar result was at ISO 800, which is as much as four-stops!


The device removes Full HD-video at up to 30 frames / s with progressive scan. On the big screen, the picture looks good, natural color and not flashy. When shooting at high ISO naturally become noticeable noise, but they do not spoil the picture.

Options Canon EOS 700D

On the market offers several options for delivery kits . They are distinguished by the presence / absence of the lens and its model.

Material used in the preparation of a set with a great versatile lens 18-135/3 ,5-5, 6 with optical stabilizer and STM-drive provides quiet, smooth focus while shooting video.

It is an ideal choice for those who are not ready to buy a few lenses: equivalent focal length range covers the most commonly used interval 28-200 mm and the size and weight although more “normal” whale lens, but compared to professional optics look very attractive.

Pros Canon EOS 700D: High quality images; convenient control hardware buttons and touch screen; the reaction rate is almost instant readiness for operation after, fast focusing in mirror mode

Cons Canon EOS 700D: System flash AF illuminator; hybrid focusing system for video and Live View modes running slow

Results Canon EOS 700D

Canon EOS 700D – a great SLR camera for the amateur and the second (spare) for professional, 700D Canon confirmed reputation as a manufacturer of high-end equipment.

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