OnCourse - smart goggles for swimming

OnCourse – smart goggles for swimming

Swim in the lake or the sea is more difficult than in a swimming pool. Especially if you want to follow a certain course. Go astray very easily, even with buoys for orientation.

Feature of smart goggles for swimming

Ordinary people care about these problems is not enough. But this is an important issue for professional athletes. Smart goggles for swimming OnCourse solve the problem – simply and efficiently.

OnCourse - smart goggles for swimming

Accessory helps the owner to keep the right direction.

How does it work? Quite simply. Just look in the direction of the destination, and press the button (located on the body).

Further into the act, special sensors. They fix any deviation from the specified point. Is the swimmer moving properly? The LEDs in the eye cups turn yellow, then red.

When everything is in order, the indicators are green.

OnCourse - smart goggles for swimming

At the heart of OnCourse several components – microprocessor, the firmware, battery with recharging via USB, accelerometer, and electronic compass.

Another product is equipped with polarized lenses with anti-fog and UV. Furthermore, the presence of soft gasket of silicone.

Now the authors of the prototype raise funds for mass production. Pre-orders are accepted on the site Kickstarter. The price of smart goggles for swimming is 149 US dollars.

Source: gizmag

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