SEnS - new «soft» exoskeleton

SEnS – new «soft» exoskeleton

SEnS - new «soft» exoskeleton

When it comes to the exoskeleton, just seems solid construction. Robotic, with a bunch of heavy batteries, full pneumatic and electric motors.

As it turns out – this is not the right approach. A group of researchers managed to produce a “soft” analog. The prototype is called Sensorimotor

Of course, the invention is not superhuman talents grants. To transfer the goods in hundreds of pounds more suitable “rigid” model (like the XOS 2, Fortis or HULC). Exoskeleton of flexible materials intended for other purposes. It improves sensorimotor function by reducing the load on the muscles of the upper extremities.

Owner’s life literally becomes easier.

SEnS - new «soft» exoskeleton

SEnS designed by Japanese experts Hiroshima University (in collaboration with colleagues from other institutions and companies). Do you have news commercial prospects? Any more.

So easy and unobtrusive “suit” is useful to all who work in extreme conditions. Yes, and the elderly extra power does not interfere.

Source: Gizmag

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