Microsoft will bring together the app stores for Windows


After purchasing the Nokia Microsoft faced with the problem of device fragmentation . It is not just about smartphones and tablets, but also desktop solutions . In order to somehow reconcile the device, operating under the same version of Windows, the company decided to expected, but rather a radical step.

Microsoft has announced that over the next few months will create a single application store for Windows Phone and desktop versions of Windows. This is much like the concept of Apple’s App Store , and due to the fact that the separation of mobile and desktop solutions has reached such a level that supports multiple stores becomes impractical . The shop will be presented in a few months after the release and distribution of the operating system version 8.1, the maximum number of devices. This leaves open the extremely pressing question: would the application of different versions of Windows are backward compatible and will have the opportunity to users to run an application for Windows Phone on Windows RT? Such a scenario seems logical enough, but the technical implementation raises questions.

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