How much you earn on the company Google?


Times when the activities of the company Google was associated only with a search string in the browser of your computer are long gone. Today the results of its activity can be found even in the most unexpected places: on the wrists lovers of futuristic technologies in their pockets, cars and possibly robots . Along with the growing number of products that engineers had a hand in the giant company changed its original mechanism of the invention – search on the Internet. Today notorious process is a complicated mechanism inside which are collected and carefully analyzed data on your requests. Doing this, of course, for the sake of promoting and selling products of interest to you and, therefore, profit. What, by the way, its dimensions? Let’s find out.

Before examining the results of the study, it is necessary to answer a few simple questions.


Internet – a great advertising platform, which, apart from us, you also attended the advertisers. Their goal is incredibly simple – implement manufactured goods to the person who needs it. Naturally, to advertise their products or services across every corner of the web can afford not everyone, but because it would be logical to offer their users whose interests are, at least in one plane with the proposed product.


It was at this moment comes to help Google, the base of which contains a wealth of information about your habits and preferences. Characteristics what gadget you read what music downloads, movies and what you were looking for – all this is well known. You understood correctly: do it for the sake of the right time to “shoot” banner advertising, the price of which is likely to be lower than previously found.

How much?

If you thought that Google does so out of kindness and desire to help users to find the desired item – you’re a bit mistaken. The greatest reason – money, and a lot of money. According to research firm Asymco, for providing information about you to advertisers Google receives an average of $ 6.3 for the year. However, this figure does not reflect the proportion of China, the situation in which several different.

If you consider the fact that today have access to the internet at least 2.5 billion people, it turns out a huge amount equal to almost 16 billion dollars a year. Not bad, is not it?

What will happen next?

The desire to earn more common to all, and Google is no exception. Moreover, the gradual growth of the company’s revenues from such services downright no doubt. Especially that the ground for the development of already fertilized.


This, of course, talking about all kinds of new categories of devices that are able to get to know you better, to learn about the hidden habits and. For example, thanks to data from the car in your search tape information appears on Fast Food, located within the most frequently used route. A recent purchase of the company’s Nest, which can be the basis for the creation of so-called smart home, and did provoke withdrawal results discounts on winter clothing.

So whether Google is good, as it is painted? Share your opinion in the comments.

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