Reviews of the smartphone Honor 6

Reviews of the smartphone Honor 6

Reviews of the smartphone Honor 6

The popularity of smartphones Huawei largely started from a series of Honor, which has attracted users a good price-performance ratio. Now the company has decided to allocate a separate brand Honor. On the home market these smartphones will be sold in the company’s online store. Smartphones under the new brand will try to compete with Xiaomi, which has become very popular in China, by its own methods. How successful would venture – time will tell, but we do look at the flagship smartphone Honor 6, which recently went on sale.

Honor 6 comes with a standard set of accessories, including a battery charger with an output current in 2A, cable and documentation.

Design and usability

Honor 6 is made in the style of the latest smartphones Huawei. Hull lines reminiscent of last year’s Honor 3 , and some design elements in common with Ascend P7.

Reviews of the smartphone Honor 6

The body is made according to the type of hamburger, back Honor 6 completely flat. Covers the entire front of the protective glass plate, and the side frame does not protrude above its surface. Above the screen you can see a thin earpiece, as well as the windows of the front camera and sensors. The indicator light is hidden under the dash to the left of the sensors. Side frames thin, 2.86 mm, and the display takes 75.7% of the area of ​​the panel. In addition, on the front side there is no manufacturer’s logo is used onscreen keys – this makes the smartphone looks more concise.

Reviews of the smartphone Honor 6However, the rear panel also pleases the lack of clutter inscriptions – there is only a line of Honor logo and service information.

The back of the smartphone is made of a special six-layer composite material. According to the manufacturer, the same material used in aerospace.

Reviews of the smartphone Honor 6

Under the top transparent layer discernible pattern in fine point. In the case of a smartphone white panel fingerprints are virtually unnoticeable, they can be seen only at certain angles.

Camera, dual LED flash and speaker are flush with the back panel.

Reviews of the smartphone Honor 6

In three sidewalls Honor 6 passes plastic strip, which resembles the frame to Ascend P7. The left side is empty, on the upper side you can see the headset connector, the opening of the second microphone and the infrared transmitter. Control buttons are concentrated on the right side. Beneath them is a slot for Mini-SIM and memory cards. They covered a total cap that almost merges with the frame. MicroUSB connector and the main microphone hole are on the bottom.

Reviews of the smartphone Honor 6

Honor 6 perfectly assembled, all parts fit tightly to each other, the keys are firmly in place, the entire structure is already too tight.

As for the five-inch smartphone in Honor 6 sufficiently small dimensions of the case, it is comparable to most compact classmates.

This makes it comfortable to hold in your hand, Honor 6 easy to use. Ergonomics smartphone at a good level, despite the use of flat smooth panels, Honor 6 does not try to slip out of his hands. Power button is just below the thumb, located just above the volume rocker. They protrude slightly above the body, have a well defined pressing.


6 Honor received a five-inch screen resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. Display brightness varies from 10.8 to 357 cd / m² and a contrast ratio is 1: 516. The screen is made by technology In-Cell – between the glass matrix and no air gap. This provides better readability of the screen in the sun, reduces the amount of glare, there is a feeling that application icons “are” directly on the glass.

Although Honor and isolated in a separate brand, the hero of the review is still designed in the walls of Huawei. Therefore screen smartphone traditionally well calibrated. From the reference value significantly deviates only gamma.

Reviews of the smartphone Honor 6

If we talk about the subjective impressions, the screen Honor 6 is comparable with other quality FullHD matrices. His soft natural colors pleasing to the eye, black and white look is established, the viewing angles are close to the maximum. A wide dimming range can comfortably use your smartphone in the dark, and on the street.

In addition, there is a good oleophobic coating, the regime increased sensitivity of the sensor to control the gloves, you can adjust the color temperature. Automatic brightness control works correctly in the switch panel has a slider that allows you to adjust the algorithm of the sensor.

Hardware Platform

Honor 6 was one of the most modern hardware platforms production HiSilicon. The system-on-chip 920 Kirin – a little simplified version of Kirin 925 installed in the flagship Huawei Mate7 . The key difference – there is no additional kernel Smart i3, responsible for the collection of indicators from different sensors. For the rest, this is the same processor configured to process technology and circuit big. LITTLE 28nm, with four energy-efficient cores Cortex-A7 (1,3 GHz), four productive Cortex-A15 (1,7 GHz) and the graphics core Mali-T628 MP4. Platform performance is complemented 3 GB of RAM, the amount of built-in storage is 16 GB (11.44 GB free), there is a slot for memory cards.

Reviews of the smartphone Honor 6

In synthetic tests Honor 6 shows good results, which are comparable with the level of current champions.

During normal operation, the performance of the smartphone no complaints. The shell runs smoothly, the program starts quickly, and 3 GB of RAM allow almost never watch reload applications. You can play all the popular games, but under continuous pressure is being felt slight heating of the body.

Wi-Fi modules and GPS working properly, their work does not raise any problems.

Honor 6 exists in several versions, to be sold in different markets. The differences between them are reduced to maintain the standards of communication, the number and volume of simkarty internal memory. The Ukrainian market will be supplied version H60-L04, but online stores are sold and other models.

Calls, multimedia

Basic telephone functionality is implemented in Honor 6 at an excellent level. Ringing loud speaker appeared, it sounds clean and nice, but due to the fact that it is located on the back, when the smartphone is on the table, the sound is muted by about a third, though still well visible.

Reviews of the smartphone Honor 6

Vibrating alert is average, well felt in his pockets and when the smartphone is on the table. Sound earpiece clean, caller’s voice sounds natural reserve volume is enough for a comfortable communicating in almost any environment. The manufacturer claims that the sensitivity of the antenna is increased by 3 dB, it should have a positive impact on the level of signal reception in areas with poor network coverage.

Music playback quality is on par with the other flagship smartphone, is a normal reserve volume. Built-in equalizer DTS makes the sound richer and more voluminous, adds low frequencies, which can be useful when listening to compositions of poor quality or when using inexpensive headphones. If desired, it can be disabled in the settings.

Support different codecs implemented at a good level in the test Antutu Video Honor 6 gaining 500 points.

The top of Honor 6 is an infrared port, it allows you to control various home appliances.

Operating system and shell

Honor 6 is running an operating system Android 4.4.2 KitKat, version of the shell EMUI 2.3, it is similar to that of the Huawei Ascend P7. In the first quarter of 2015 to upgrade to a smartphone should EMUI 3.0.

Reviews of the smartphone Honor 6

Fundamental functional differences between EMUI 2.3 and 3.0 do not, the difference is a little more simple design, a smaller number of transparent elements.

A set of system applications remained unchanged. The most interesting of them can be called “Phone Manager”. The program allows you to configure access to applications, notifications, analyze their energy consumption, use of data, it has a black list of calls and much more.

Operation time

In the case of the smartphone has a removable battery capacity of 3100 mAh. Set SmartPower 2.0 technologies should provide up to 65 hours of operation at low load, 30 hours in the loaded mode, and extreme power saving mode will limit the functionality of receiving calls and messages, but the last stretch 10% charge for 24 hours.

In our case, Honor 6 worked about 2 days at low load and day with the active usage profile, familiar to the author. Hours screen up to five hours.

Reviews of the smartphone Honor 6

While reading off all wireless communications, including the transmission of data in the mobile network, and the display brightness is set to 200 cd / m². When listening to music has an automatic data synchronization, data transfer. The volume level on 12 of the 15 possible levels. All music files in MP3, 320 Kbit / s. Navigation includes a route in Google Navigation app. Brightness exhibited at 200 cd / m², all communication modules data disabled. When playing as an active data transmission in a mobile network, display brightness set to 200 cd / m², the headphone volume level 12 of the possible 15 video format MKV, resolution 1024h432 points framerate 24. Playing videos from Youtube accompanied not only by the work network Wi-Fi, but also the active data transmission. Display brightness set to 200 cd / m², the volume level on 12 of the 15 possible levels.

* – Data obtained under similar conditions but with the brightness set at 50% of the possible

Become familiar with the testing procedure can be in this material.


6 Honor got two cameras. As the main module is used fourth-generation Sony with a resolution of 13 megapixel, autofocus and dual LED flash, aperture (F2.0) lens of 5 lenses. The front camera has a resolution of 5 MP, the viewing angle is 88 degrees.

Reviews of the smartphone Honor 6

The camera application is familiar to smartphones Huawei. There are all the usual settings and shooting modes.

The main camera shows good quality pictures. According to official data it is able to run and shoot for 0.6 cekundy. To do this, turn Honor 6 in a horizontal position, and double-click the Volume Down key, after the snapshot is displayed at startup and photography, in our case it was 1.1-1.2 seconds.

When shooting under natural conditions, not the brightest light, Honor 6 shows good results. Most of the photographs are obtained with sharp quite predictable good result.


Reviews of the smartphone Honor 6

Honor 6 was very nice smartphone. Perhaps the majority of parameters it will satisfy any customer, because it united interesting body materials, high-quality screen, excellent performance, good autonomy and normal camera, all collected in the standard five-inch format. The model is actually no obvious deficiencies can be identified unless the minor roughness like a light body heat under load, but it is common to almost all performance of the smartphone.


+ Materilov, body sizes

+ High-quality FullHD screen

+ Productivity

+ Normal autonomy

Camera +

Did not like:

– Heating body under high load

– Modest supplied

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