Samsung show at CES 2014 TVs with enhanced voice control and gestures

Samsung has announced its intention to show on the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 new video in a series of Smart TV.

Feature smart TV Samsung lineup in 2014 are improved features user interaction with the device. So much refined voice control function. Now you can change channels, just by saying the number of the desired channel. Also Improved voice search mechanism. Now the user to interact with the TV by voice is limited only by 11 countries, but in 2014 it will be available in 12 new markets.

In addition, significantly modified the function control your TV using gestures, added a new feature called “finger gestures.” Now the user can change channels, change the volume, control the viewing, search and run to view content using gestures undertaken fingers. For example, you can pause the video by sliding your finger counterclockwise.

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