Owned by Google robot SCHAFT won the first stage of the competition DARPA Robotics Challenge


A few days ago, there was one of the main events of the year in the field of robotics – summarizing competitions DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC).

The competition was attended by 16 robots developed by teams of researchers from around the world. The winner was named member of the jury on the basis of compliance with the mandatory program, which consisted of eight different tasks: driving, crossing the bricks, climbing stairs, overcoming landslides, passage doors, passage walls, twisting valves and hose connection to the connector.

So, the table of results is as follows:


For successful execution of tasks to each robot awarded a maximum of four points. In this case the maximum grade did not affect how fast the robot cope with the task. It was necessary only to invest in the allotted to each task 30 minutes.

Unfortunately, grants for further development and modernization of their robots Agency Defense Advanced Research Projects USA (DARPA) will receive only the first eight teams. Their decisions come together again in the final battle in the contest DRC in 2014. It is worth noting that the losing team will also be able to take part in the finals, but the source of funding for the improvement of robots they have a look for yourself.

Eight finalists DRC is as follows:

  2. IHMC Robotics
  3. Tartan Rescue
  4. MIT
  5. RoboSimian
  6. Team TRACLabs
  7. WRECS
  8. Team TROOPER

According to DARPA, each of these teams can count on grant of up to $ 1 million, of course, it all depends on the conditions of the contract.

Best with the specific task coped following robots:

  • driving: WRECS;
  • transition on the bricks: SCHAFT;
  • climbing stairs: SCHAFT;
  • overcoming collapses: SCHAFT;
  • passage doors: IHMC Robotics;
  • passage walls: IHMC Robotics;
  • twisting valves: THOR;
  • hose connection to the coupling device: SCHAFT.

Best results in most categories showed robot company SCHAFT, owned by Google. Not so long ago, the search giant also acquired Boston Dynamics , developer humanoid robot Atlas and other interesting projects.

SCHAFT robot is based on a HRP-2. It weighs about 100 kg, and height – 1.5 m

By the way, the prize money in the finals DRC, which will be held in December next year, is $ 2 million

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