Public the price of a new type of Samsung SUHD TVs

Public the price of a new type of Samsung SUHD TVs

Public the price of a new type of Samsung SUHD TVs

Published prices on Samsung TV lineup 2015 devices do not differ from LCD TVs on the principle of imaging, but they added nanocrystals that improve the color and brightness of the image.

Cheapest Samsung TV a new type (SUHD) will cost $ 2.5 thousand. (More than i155 thousand.), The website of HD Guru, previously published accurate information on prices for future TVs Korean corporation.

For the said amount a buyer can purchase a flat model UN48JS8500 with screen 48 inches.

Model with a screen 55 inches (UN55JS8500) will go on sale at a price of $ 3 thousand. (About i186 thousand.), 65 inches – $ 4 thousand. (About i250 thousand.), According to the publication.

Some models SUHD-Samsung TV screen will have a concave shape. For the most expensive of them (UN88JS9500, with a diagonal of 88 inches) vendor asked for $ 23 thousand. It is about i1,4 million converted to US currency.

Prices are in accordance with the policy of Unilateral Pricing Policy (UPP), used by many major manufacturers of equipment. This policy prohibits retailers to significantly deviate from the specified value. In case of violation of the rights of producers may refuse to supply equipment of this network. Thus, for a lower price values should not count, says CNet.

The publication adds that during 2015 the price of SUHD-TVs Samsung, is likely to go down, but hardly significant. For example, the device lineup in 2014 during the last year fell by 10-25%.

Public the price of a new type of Samsung SUHD TVs

SUHD-Samsung TV

All new models will have a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels (Ultra HD), local dimming backlight technology, the zoom function permits to UHD, the function of “smart TV” function gesture recognition using the camera and voice control, standards support surround sound.

The starting price – $ 2.5 thousand.

It is expected that Samsung announces prices in March 2015

SUHD TVs were introduced by January of this year, the exhibition of consumer electronics CES in Las Vegas.

In this type of the TV applied ‘quantum dots’ or nanocrystals as they are known in the most Samsung, – specific particle size which affects the wavelength of the transmitted light and thus the color of the pixel. The company claims that this technology allows, first, to pass through the matrix more light (ie. E. A brighter image), and secondly, to get a clearer hue compared to modern LCD TVs.

SUHD TVs are considered to be the next technology after LCD. After her industry players expect to go to the LED panel (OLED). Initially it was assumed that the change will come LCD OLED, but it turned out that this technology to the mass market is not ready yet due to difficulties in production and high prices.

The principle of the imaging SUHD TVs does not differ from the LCD. Source of light in them is LED lighting (in Samsung TVs it straight type – that is, the LEDs are located directly behind the panel). The image formed by the liquid crystal matrix.

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